24-hour Crisis Helpline

Adult Services

Safe Connections provides an array of free services for adults who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. Our staff of master’s level counselors and supervised graduate practicum students offers help to those doing the hard work of rebuilding their lives.

Crisis Intervention often begins with our 24-hour Crisis Helpline, the first stop when a person reaches out at a time of crisis. In addition to finding a person who cares about their situation, a caller will find information about resources and swift intervention in the midst of a crisis.

Licensed counselors and licensed social workers provide emotional and psychological support through Individual Counseling to help victims rebuild their lives as survivors.

Support Services including groups, classes, workshops and social groups help adults learn how to enjoy healthy relationships and connect with others who have walked similar paths.

One in four women in college experience sexual assault and/or relationship violence. Safe Connections on Campus is engaged in prevention education and support services at colleges and universities across the St. Louis region.

For more information about accessing our Adult Services, call 314.646.7500 x118. Read about Teen Services.


A note about the use of pronouns on safeconnections.org:

According to the most comprehensive national study by the U.S. Department of Justice on family and relationship violence, the vast majority of domestic violence and sexual assault victims are female, and the vast majority of perpetrators are male. For that reason, feminine pronouns are primarily used on this site when referring to victims of violence, and male pronouns are primarily used when referring to perpetrators of violence. This should not detract from our understanding that, in some cases, the perpetrator might be female while the victim is male or of the same gender. All victims are deserving of compassion and services to address the violence in their lives.