24-hour Crisis Helpline

Crisis Intervention Services

24-Hour Crisis Helpline


The Crisis Helpline is a safe way to break the barriers of silence and isolation so often experienced after a trauma. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by Safe Connections staff and well-trained volunteers who help callers assess their immediate safety needs and provide emotional support. Crisis Helpline staff provide callers with referrals for counseling, medical care, legal aid, shelter and other needed services.

Safe Connections arranges over-the-phone interpreters to translate more than 140 languages for Crisis Helpline callers.

Crisis Support Program

The Crisis Support Program (CSP) is a crisis intervention program available to qualifying callers to our Crisis Helpline and new clients assessed for individual therapy who are in need of immediate stabilization. The CSP provides emotional support, education, safety planning and case management to handle the immediate crisis. Short-term counseling may or may not be part of the services offered depending on the client’s needs.